portrait of a cow by Emily

Got Milk?

Pit Bull painting by Emily Griffith, Milton, GA

Painting of A Pit Bull

































Emily Griffith

Emily Griffith is an award-winning pet artist with a studio in Milton, GA. She has had the privilege of painting much-loved pets for the past 12 years. Each of her portraits are hand-painted custom fine art representations of her client’s pets based on photographs they provide her with. She has the uncanny ability to capture each animal’s unique spirit and personality.

She has been one of the official artists of the University of Georgia’s mascot, having painted Uga VII, VIII and IX. She was voted “Best Pet Artist” by Atlanta Magazine in 2010 and has painted celebrity pets, including Tori Spelling’s “Mimi”, Cindy Wilson’s “Pepper”, Victoria Stilwell’s “Pepper”, and Alison Pill’s “Henry”.

She has contributed to numerous animal shelters, the service organization Canine Assistants, and is a Guardian Member of the ASPCA.


Emily’s website: http://ehgriffithstudios.com/

Email: ehgriffith1@gmail.com