Margaret Novotny


Margaret Novotny

Wyoming Fence by Photographer Margaret Novotny

Pier-house Margaret Novotny

Pier-house by Photographer Margaret Novotny







Oak Tree Margaret Novotny

Oak Tree by Photographer Margaret Novotny


sunflowers Margaret Novotny

Sunflowers by Photographer Margaret Novotny

Photographer Margaret Novotny

I’m all about great compositions, technical expertise and vivid storytelling through photography. As a baby boomer, my indoctrination to photography began when I was a little girl. At that time, photography was becoming a part of daily life and documenting important family events became mainstream. As the youngest of the family I was often the center of attention, so I consider myself a veteran at being the subject of a photo shoot. However, as an adult, it’s ‘the other side’ of the camera that I prefer. ­­

​I began taking photography film classes in college and then transitioned into the digital world when the technology was first introduced. Landscapes or portraits, I’m a passionate shooter with a spiritual understanding of divine light. My eyes compose and collect a vision of nature at its best. I love to shoot in both color and B/W.

​​As a career marketer and advertising executive, I’ve used my passion of photography in developing successful ad campaigns, collateral materials, promotions, events and videos.

Northwestern University

Margaret Novotny

Margaret Novotny – Photographer

MSA Integrated Marketing Communications

Illinois State University

BS Graphic Communications